ND Consulting Quality Solutions specializes in personnel selection and evaluation. It consists of experienced Human Resources Consultants and Psychologists who contribute to the successful candidates’ recruitment.

ND Consulting Quality Solutions stands out for:

  • its Valuable Services

Our consultants have the ability to contact with a variety of candidates, in order to cover any business need of our clients request. Our goal is responding promptly to the requests of our clients and build on an efficient, effective and successful cooperation with them.

  • its Effective Solutions

ND Consulting Quality Solutions is next to you to understand your business needs and propose effective solutions. Solutions that will contribute to the recruitment of high quality, talented staff and increase your business productivity.

  • its Candidates’ Reliability

Our company provides Candidate’s Reliability, at no extra cost, if for any reason your business needs are not fully covered by the present candidate selection.

ND Consulting Quality Solutions is your ideal and most reliable partner by providing high quality HR services. We understand the needs of our clients and create the best solutions for your business.